Ucas unanimously defeated Manny Pacquiao

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Manny Pacquiao, a 42-year-old Tagalog fighter, caught up with Cuban welterweight world champion Judanis Ucas with a more accurate punch. Winning points, defending the title successfully in a fight at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA

Started the punch, Pacquiao immediately went ahead with a set of punches. Ugas was not shock, took it tight and found a rhythm in the garden. Relying on long punches to block the attack Ugas’ yap punches also work well. Hit the target, while Pacquiao really does a lot of punches, but still doesn’t hit the target much. Ugus still managed to dodge blocks. Round 3 Pacquiao opened the game, punched in but still stuck the card. Ugus shot right into Pacquiao’s face, but still able to endure. 

Beginning of the 4th round

    Beginning of the 4th round, Ugas missed a punch under the belt until the referee had to brake. Cuban Champion Focusing on details, let Pacquiao leave first and wait for the counterattack. Which was good. Pacquiao was shock to see. Round 5 Pacquiao walked faster and shot left in the front as well. Ugas still relied on the 1-2 rounds to cover. At the end of the lift, both of them exchanged fun. Round 6, Ugus looked in control of the game, trapped and punched Pacquiao in several sets. Round 7 Ugas is still tough. Precision punch Pacquiao actually walked, but couldn’t get in. Round 8 Pacquiao still issued a punch, hit the right yap, followed by a straight left, Ugas looking for a right-field rhythm. Watch Pacquiao start to get better, round 9, Ugas slowly approaches. Shot down, switch on, Pacquiao began to look a lot of yearning. But there is still interaction all the time. Ucas had a fracture in his right eye. 

    Round 10, the beginning of the lift, Ugas, accidentally hit Pacquiao’s set of punches, but still managed to escape. The end of the lift, Ucas, shot right into Pacquiao until the last 2 rounds flickered. Ucas did not clash and focused on crows. Picked up tight and waited for Pacquiao, who seemed to be inferior, went forward with full hopes to knock out. At some moments. It is knock out by the right side of the park. until the symptoms swing but still able to maintain himself until 12
    The result of the scoring is Judanis Ucas unanimously defeat Manny Pacquiao (115-113, 116-112, 116-112) to defend the World Boxing Association Welterweight World Champion. (WBA) successfully

    Manny Pacquiao increased the record to 72 fights, 62 wins (39 knockouts), 8 losses, 2 draws, while Judanis Ucas, 31 fights, 27 wins (12 knockouts), 4 losses.