The key Liverpool is different from last season

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Jordan Henderson reveals how important the key Liverpool FC is from last season which at this point may have contributed to the “Reds” step up to be a team that will win the championship again.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson believes Anfield has made the Reds a different team from last season after fans returned to full capacity. 

    Liverpool suffered a severe drop in form when playing at Anfield last season. With a period of 6 consecutive defeats at home, resulting in a break from the orbit to defend the Premier League title. However, this season, the Premier League and the British government. Allowing fans to re-visit the game at the stadium again. And the same atmosphere from the Liverpool homecoming, the last game that beat Burnley has come back again.

    In this regard, Henderson was asked after the game if Anfield was a key point in guiding Liverpool as one of the teams competing for the Premier League title, and the Reds captain insisted the answer was 
    “yes. It’s always like that (competitors are afraid). Nobody wants to come and play here.”

    “Without fans It’s a completely different game. Football is different from last season where there are no fans, not only at Anfield, but elsewhere.”

“Now we have the fans back. It’s a very different story. and hope that we can preserve this fortress of ours If you guys can do this No team would want to play here.”