Rewatching the hot shot of Messi-Ramos

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Rewatching the hot shot of Messi-Ramos. Moving to Paris Saint-Germain of Lionel Messi, the Argentine striker. This allows him to work with former club team-mates Neymar and international team-mates Angel Di Maria, which is likely to play a part in the Ballon d’Or winner. Six times, choose to accept an offer from “PSG”

However, in addition to working with close friends, Messi will also have the opportunity to play in the same team as former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. Who said that one day these two will play together. That person would be ridicule. Because in the past, no one expected that there would be a day when Ramos and Messi had to say goodbye to Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively, plus when they played in Spain, they both had issues. to a certain extent

Of course, part of it could be said that the ferocity that happen between the two was just the service of the club on duty. But sometimes it’s too harsh for that matter too. And today we’re going to look back at some examples of some of the problems that happened between the two.

A ruthless foul on

29 November 2010 was a nightmare for everyone associate with Madrid after their trip to Barcelona at the Nou Camp in La Liga. But Returned to the enemy forever, attacked until almost completely destroyed and had to return to Madrid with a score of 0-5

-Being bullied and scolded,

The 2017 Spanish Super Cup is a success that Madrid is very proud of. Because they beat Barcelona with a score of 2 games up to 5-1, divided into a 3-1 win at Camp Nou before coming to the Santiago Bernabeu again. 2-0

Elbow of Disaster

La Liga game at the Santiago Bernabeu on March 2, 2019 ended in a 1-0 victory for Barcelona after they scored the winning goal in the 26th minute of their performance. of Ivan Rakitic, but one of the interesting points of the game was the cadence between Ramos and Messi.