R&A Increases AIG Women’s Open Swing Prize Money

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Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive Officer, R&A, the governing body for international golf. Revealed that the 2021 AIG Women’s Open golf tournament will add an additional $1.3 million in prize money (41.6 million baht) to a match with a prize money of $ 5.8 million (185.6 million baht) until it becomes a show. The women’s golf tournament with the highest prize money. The champion will receive a total prize money of $870,000 (27.8 million baht).

With great support from AIG main sponsor of competition makes battle. The last major of the women’s department It became a major tournament with the highest prize money. And prepare to add another 1 million US dollars (32 million baht) in 2022 as a match with a total prize pool of 6.8 million US dollars (217.6 million baht), equivalent to the men’s major. This is consider the prize money. That has double since AIG and R&A have been collaborating since 2018.

    The AIG Women’s Open will take place this year at Carnoustie from August 19-22, and in 2022 it will take place in Meerfield, Scotland. which is one of the link courses One of the most famous stadiums in the world.

Martin Slumbers said, “We are commit to elevating the AIG Women’s Open and increasing its competitive status as one of the premium events of the AIG Women’s Open. Word Together with AIG, we are working to bring about change. And send a clear signal in developing women’s golf for further development.”

    Slumbers continued, “This requires investment. And more support from golf organizations, sponsors, media and fans. To help us grow and bring it to commercial success. In generating income to grow especially in regards to prize money for sustainability. We set a new benchmark for women’s major golf this week with the AIG Women’s Open, which will be revise next year. We hope this will be an inspiration to other tournaments. for the further development of women’s golf”

    Peter Saffino, AIG President and CEO, said: “AIG is proud to be the title sponsor of the Women’s Open. One of the most important events in the world. World golf We are commit to the development of women’s golf. To communicate to every community in which we live and work, and our commitment is to make the payouts of women’s golf tournaments as fair as men’s. That is one of the core values ​​of AIG that already supports equality. And today we are proud to announce that this is a significant step forward in the enhancement of the women’s golf tournament. It started with the AIG Women’s Open. We would like to thank R&A for being such a great partner. And I am confident that the cooperation of the two organizations will lead to further meaningful progress.”