Muto happy to return to his hometown league

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Yoshinori Muto, former Newcastle player reveal that he was happy to return to his hometown league It is not wrong to choose to join the army. Vissel Kobe is determined to do a good job. For the opportunity to join the national team again.

Yoshinori Muto, a 29-year-old striker who recently join Vissel Kobe, said: “After making his debut in the J-League ufabet game on August 21, in the game against Kashi, Ma Antlers 1-0

Former Newcastle striker Yoshinori Muto return to his homeland in six years. Playing 45 minutes for Kobe against the Kashima Antlers. That the owner is confident that the choice to move At the Novier Stadium. He will bring back good form and return to the Japanese national team again.

News revealed that moving to Kobe make me more challenging. I want to go on the field want to call confidence and go down to help the team. Which Kobe gave me the opportunity to make the decision is not difficult to return to play in the J-League. Choosing to join Vissel Kobe, I’m sure it will help me. Going back to the national team, first of all, I have to help the team as much as possible and create a good performance.”