Liverpool condemns fans for racist Gilmour

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Liverpool have condemned the actions of a group of supporters on the club’s social media. After the group made a mockery of Norwich midfielder Billy Gilmour in the Premier League game on Saturday night.

Norwich’s on-loan Chelsea midfielder. Billy Gilmour is the subject of homophobic chanting. From a section of Liverpool fans

Liverpool FC condemn the actions of a group of supporters. Who came to cheer on the edge of Carrow Road. As the Reds beat Norwich 3-0 in their opening game of the Premier League on Saturday night.

Liverpool have retweet a message from the Kop Outs fan group. Which represents LGBT+ fans, with the Kop Outs stating that 20-year-old Norwich midfielder Billy Gilmour was on loan. The one from Chelsea was harass with racist words.

“Today’s great result was overshadowed by homophobic anti-homosexual voices by our supporters targeting Billy Gilmour on loan from Chelsea, if you support it. useless nonsense You don’t understand.

What YNWA [You’ll Never Walk Alone] means,” the Kop Outs retweeted a Kick.

The official Twitter account of the “Reds” took this message again and said: “The use of such words is offensive. And inappropriate – a message we regularly communicate alongside Kop Outs.”

 “We call on the fans to recognize the values ​​of the club. And refrain from doing this in the future.”